Efficient optimization of wasser systems

Our immediate surroundings are influenced by many electric helpers. In addition our heating and tap water systems get increasingly comfortable. Normal heating elements are replaced by water conducting wall or under floor heating systems. An immense number of heating pipes are extensively processed for that purpose. Heating systems that use networks of copper or carbon wires (infrared heating foils) are in. They are easy to apply and to install. We can objectively measure when these systems are influenced by physical parameters. Especially in sleeping areas these physical factors are of specific significance.

Every water-bearing system conducts well electrical fields. Furthermore it makes a perfect antenna for radio signals. Copper hydraulic lines significantly enhance this effect. In buildings drinking water pipelines get manyfold in contact with electricity installations. The fields of the current-carrying cables couple to the water pipelines, form compensating currents and affect in this way the micro structures of water. Power frequencies are present in drinking water and they can objectively be masured.

Consequently, with respect to water, electromagnetic interference potentials are of importance. You can significantly improve the physical properties of your drinking water applying the GabrielAqua-Tech-modules. These modules are easy to install and they cause no follow-up costs.

In addition to the GabrielAqua-Tech-modules we offer further products suitable for the water range.

Our product-palette

The Gabriel-Technology for your water systems

The Gabriel-Technology dejams your drinking water pipeline, radiators, heating circuits, wall and underfloor heating. Compensating currents that are on the pipelines are measurably reduced and the natural water micro structures are restored. The usual calcification or the formation of rust is reduced. Threedimensional measurements of the physical surroundings of water systems show with respect to electric fields partly significant reductions of the corresponding values. This way the spacial swirls of physical fields are degraded. Power fields strongly influence the micro structure of water. They influence the formation of water clusters and impact the redoxpotential of water. Our drinking water is precisely controlled with respect to a large number of maximum permissible values. However, there is still a large number of influences that are not determined and that are consequently not controlled. From our point of view the redox potential, for example, belongs to these unnoticed factors. Water redoxpotentials can exactly be determined. Drinking water having favourable reduction forces supports our metabolism and is of economic importance since it reduces significantly calcifications and rust formations.

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