The Gabriel-Object-consultants analyze, visualize, reduce and dejam.

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH created solutions to analyze physically existing electro smog, to illustrate it graphically and to reduce it in a way that can be physically measured. This can be done for single electric appliances, for bedrooms, residential areas, fields of work or motor vehicles. It can be done in case of personal precaution or already existing electro sensitivity.

We sense flickering light, noise, bad smell or unfavourable temperatures. Our sense-organs tell us that these events make our body feel uncomfortable. We can respond to these happenings and usually immediately do something against these disturbances..

Opposing to these situations the reporting system of our body does not function in case of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Stress reactions stake place upon these types of influences, as biological investigations show, but the cells of our body are unable to send us first hand signals. Therefore, we do not react, change nothing at all and do not reduce loads although this could often be done easily.

The best solution to recognize and reduce electromagnetic influences is to impelmet a Gabriel-Object-consultation. Our skilled Gabriel-Object-consultants measure your personal electrosmog situation and help you directly at the face to optimize the situation. Because every situation is unique such a procedure is necessary! We offer specific products for your residental area, sleeping area or work space in case a consultation is not possible at your house or you purchased new electric devices after consultation.

Oject-dejaming using our product-palette

Do you have any questions or do you want to obtain an offer? Please use our contact form. We would be pleased to give a hand.

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