The theme „electro smog in motorcars“ is well known; however, it can be measured but recently. The measuring methods are based on a new creation of the sucessfully operating manufacturer ROM-Elektronik, the software developer Dipl.-Ing. Michael Baacke and the scientific input of the Geophysikalische-Forschungs-Gruppe e.V.

In motorcars

electrosmog and interference frequencies

caused by radio signals

potentize on narrow space

Equipments in motorcars (air conditioning system, airbag, ABS, small motors in seats and so on) increase in number leading to strongly increasing electromagnetic loads. In modern motorcars about 4,000 to 8,000 meter of electric cable are installed. Pulsating radiations coming from mobile phones and Bluetooth complete the mixture so that at the extreme the interference frequencies negatively influence each other leading to a bad reception, radio disturbances and other disturbed functions.

Future use of the LTE-technology in motorcarps could intensify such negative effects. Therefore, preventive actions are recommended.

The physical measurements performed in motor cars before and after dejam actions using the Gabriel-Technology are visualized acccording to the traffic light principle.

Driving stress free thanks reduced loads

Several products especially developed for motor cars by the Gabriel Technology PlatformTM offer reliabely to be measured and effective protection against “electrosmog” loads

Our product-pallete for motorcars

The Gabriel-Technology for your motorcars

The Gabriel Technology PlatformTM dejams the corresponding batteries, circuits, and electric consumers in your motorcars. Furthermore, the radio networks of your own mobile phone, Bluetooth-hands-free device or mobile navigation device are dejamed. Three-dimensional measurements of the physical background of the interior of motorcars confirm this statement showing partly significant reductions of the electric fields measured in Volt per meter. Likewise magnetic fields are reduced, respectively current density deviations, measured in nano Tesla. It is our opinion that the degradation of spatial turbulences of physical fields decisively acts on biological objects. The complete motorcar technique remains and continues working unristricted, a pre-condition for accurate functioning. Consequently the corresponding physical source fields remain while dejaming of electric components and radio fields reduces the spatial electrosmog within the motorcar. The reduced interferences of super-positions of different physical fields leading to lower swirl formations can be measured. Likewise the coupling streams that are on the carbody are reduced.

Sanitary effects

Presently there exist no specific studies on sanitary effects of magnetic fields in motorcars and hybrid cars.


Legal regulations

Presently there exist no explicit legal regulations or maximum permissible values with respect to vehicle interiors.

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