Physical environment and ambient sound The ci²p-Technology optimizes the ambient sound

Extensive electricity installations, numerous electric consumers, dimmer controlled halogen lamps, EIB-control technique, mobile and WLAN radio networks cause increased electro smog in interior rooms. As a result it becomes increasingly difficult to realize the abilities of High-Fidelity compositions – the complete emotionality of natural music.

This fact surprises at first view because the room acoustics remain uninfluenced by magnetic, electric or electromagnetic fields. There is no interference or superposition and hence no interacting disturbances.

However, cable connections deeply disturb the functionality of HiFi-components. They cause potential equalisations between electronics and hence distribute coupling streams of electro smog from one devise to the next one across the arrangement, from the CD player to the loud speakers. Moreover, on sound carriers and image carriers form measurably static chargings which also influence the quality and play back.

Je besser High-Fidelity-Komponenten aufeinander abgestimmt sind und je mehr Optimierungen umgesetzt werden, umso wichtiger wird es, auch diese physikalischen Details zu beachten und zu entstören.

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