Products of the Gabriel Technology Platform™     innovative – effective – objective

Within five different areas the Gabriel-Technology Platform™ offers different products. The Gabriel-Technology Platform™ products are highly innovative and unique. Their efficacy is real and objectively measurable.


Gabriel-products in the scope of cellular mobile telephony can not only be used for cellular phones and smartphones but also for wireless local networks and babyphones.

In addition to the Gabriel-Object advisory service we offer products for your residential area and your working area. Using these products you are in the position to reduce electric radiations that stem from newly aquired electric devices.

Electromagnetic interference potentials also act on water pipelines and our drinking water. GabrielAqua-Tech modules modify the micro structures of your drinking water in a way that the physical influences of “electrosmog” are measurably reduced.

In motorcars electromagnetic interference potentials are also formed. This is not astonishing considering the large number of technologic devices installed in modern motorcars. In order to enjoy this comfort without hesitation the Gabriel-Tech GmbH developed special products to reduce “electro smog” in motorcars.

The ci²p-Technology developed in cooperation with the Audio Selection creaktiv GmbH creates an optimum environment for your precious High-Fidelity-components.

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