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The Gabriel-Tech Company domiciled in Kelkheim (Taunus), Germany, was registered in 2002 at the Commercial Register of Frankfurt on Main, Germany. Managing partner is Diplom Merchant and Diplom Economist Gerd Lehmann.


Eponym of the buisiness company is the Austrian researcher and developer of the „generation I“ Gabriel-Technology, Mr. Franz Gabriel, who died on August the 12th in 2009. He researched in knowledge of the manyfold possibilities of modern information and communication technology and the accompanying permanent changes in the highly developed technical world. Herewith he provided the base for what we do today.


Since more than one decade we – the Team of the Gabriel-Tech GmbH - are engaged in the exploration and development of innovative measuring and dejam technologies in the scope of electro smog. Herewith we succeeded to measure and visualize the common invisible radiation load in living and working rooms, in motor vehicles and mobile phone appliances. Using a worldwide unique measuring procedure connected to an equally unique software we make electro smog visible.


The measuring procedure and the software that we used in the beginning in our laboratory was developed in close cooperation with the company ROM-Elektronik, Mr. Robert Mayr, the Engineering company iMB, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Baacke and the Geophysicalical Research-Group e.V. These creations served as base for the development of dejam technologies with which we are able today to reduce in a measurable way the different types of electromagnetic radiation. Consequently we modified the software made for the laboratory so that we are able to manage building-biological situations at the living and working places of our customers in a way that these situations can be visualized and carefully documented. This way electro smog can be avoided and the use of electro smog reducing technologies unequivocally physically evaluated. The evaluation software that was developed for that purpose is a unique feature in the range of the building-biological class of business. With its help we are able to consider the individual situations of our customers in a detailed way and if necessary are able to improve it in a measurable and documented way. That is why we talk of individual provision.


For us the customer is the measure of all things. This is why we pay attention not only to the highest quality but generally offer for our products a six weeks lasting return guarantee so that our customers are able to convince themselves of our products without any risk.


To be able to offer our customers the highest quality with respect to our products and services we carefully select our partners. Partnership means for us mutual engagement. Our partners regularly and extensively continue their studies and engage to act according to our quality management system. Only together we are able to offer our customers the highest possible service.



Diplom Economist and Diplom Merchant Gerd Lehmann



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