Our Philosophy

The most important core area of our philosophy concerns the well-being of humans.

  • Precaution in the interest of healthfulness,
  • Reduction of environmental influences and
  • Assisting humanes.

This is the substance of the Gabriel-philosophy, yesterday, today and in future, for our generation and for our children. This way we follow the classic scientific functional chain:


Information → Physics → Chemistry → Biology


and consequently the logical approach:


Continuously changing physical influences and conditions impact, according to the reaction chain, biological cell- and regulation systems. Definitely this is not the case with everybody and surely at completely different dimensions. There will be humans who are able to compensate such changes biologically perfect. However, there are also persons whose body is not (no longer) able to compensate stress at the long range and where a sufficient regeneration is not possible. This means also that reduction of given physical field conditions leads to recoveries exactly with this group of persons.

Educational advertising – counseling – solution to the problem...

... in that sense we research and work.

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