White Paper concerning the Gabriel Technology Platform™

White Paper

The Gabriel Technology Platform™ is a proprietary dielectric technology, malleable for broad applications by engaging its surrounding electromagnetic field character as its activating source. The platform tools modify the structure and orientation of the fields, thereby stabilizing molecular energy transfer and increasing functional efficiency in a variety of environments.

Because the science underlying the technology is fundamental and acts at the molecular level, the platform is adaptable and customizable for use in a broad range of applications, including:

  • Environmental contamination management  through purposed manipulation of electromagnetic energy gradients;
  • Health risk management through suppression of triggers that induce sympathetic stress cascades in biological systems;
  • Enhancement of human performance through activation of triggers that induce parasympathetic nervous system function.

The diverse tools derivative of the Gabriel Technology Platform™ are designed to be customized to and integrated within existing technology infrastructure, devices and appurtenances. Quality control measurements are integral to the protocols used for deployment of the technology in every application so that appropriate adaptability is ensured and desired outcomes are maintained as the application environments evolve. The Gabriel- Tech GmbH company offers an array of their technology platform tools to strategic partners and customers through standard product- purchase contracts, customized service provision and private label licensing.

1) This Informational White Paper has been prepared by research staff at the non-profit Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.. Data support has been provided by Gabriel-Tech GmbH and input has been gathered from a range of contractors and scientists who have done independent work with support from the Gabriel-Tech GmbH company. However, this paper is not a Gabriel-Tech work product and the content within should be considered an independent assessment.

© 2013 by The Science and Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.


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