Our products: first class and high-grade

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH stands for first class products. We offer an extensive and professional supply that fulfils highest claims to quality. Our approved production can be trusted.

We ourselves put the highest quality demands to our manufacturing processes. The production realizes in all manufacturing steps the most modern industry standard and we use exclusively high-class primary material provided by well-known and acknowledged distributors. The quality of every single manufacturing step is controlled to guarantee the quality presetting. Finally, the efficacy of each product series and product charge is quantitatively recorded. It is not before this last step of quality protection that our products are released for delivery.

Thanks to our extensive quality management standardizing every of our production steps we are able to offer our customers first class and high-class products.

Survey of our outputs and services:

  • Dejam products for motor vehicles
  • Dejam products in the range of cellular mobile telephony
  • Dejam products for living and work areas
  • Dejam products for water systems
  • Dejam products in the HiFi-area
  • Screen- und dejam products in the reach of electric installations
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