Patent specification

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH with registered seat in Kelkheim (Taunus), Germany, applied patent for the Gabriel Technology PlatformTM in the USA in Juli 2013.

One the one hand the patent comprises the multistage fabrication creating specific signatures in dielectric carrier media.

On the other hand it describes the self activating generation of molecular modulated whirl fields as well as the specific impact on interference generating gradients within the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields of the surroundings as field catalyzing interaction of dielectric whirl field and power-potential-whirl.

Furthermore, the patent includes an exactly defined unit of power with respect to such whirl fields, calculated in μW/m². This unit results from three dimensional measurements of the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

The quantitative power estimation is used to secure the quality of the manufacturing process. This tool is taken to determine the success rate of the catalytic interference suppression of turbulence-field-surroundings.


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