The Generation II and III Gabriel-Technology mainly consists of the following components:


Polymer-printing surface area

Metallization layer (aluminum)


Adhesive layer


Exemplified composition of the Gabriel-Chip: a multilayered-composite-dielectric medium.

Such a dielectric medium itself can generate whirl streams under the influence of external physical fields. Circuits or active elements within the Chip are not necessary since the structure itself (a mixture of conducting and non-conducting materials) can influence electromagnetic fields. The information accumulated within the Chip is transmitted to external physical fields in a passive way (quartz-/transponder-principle).

A further significant advantage of the Gabriel-dejam technology concerns the fact that devices are in no way disturbed in their functions. The loads by electric smog are measurably reduced while the devices continue to work correctly and without any confinement.

The effect of the Gabriel-Technology can be proved with all measurable methods know to be applied in current practice, although some measuring procedures are not yet acknowledged scientifically.

New Generation Gabriel-Chip



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