Mobile radio-research in Arbeit

From the beginning on the Gabriel-Tech GmbH was setting high value on research. This concerns also and especially the original core operation reach of the Gabriel-Technology which is the mobile radio.

Already from the beginning we knew that only those can be successful who permanently improve their product and adapt it to the current state of the developments. This is especially valid for those trades that are coined by rapid growth and constant progress as the mobile radio communication industry. This is why the Gabriel-Tech GmbH has both its actual products and its new developments regularly examined with respect to their efficiency. In this way it can be guaranteed that the Gabriel-Technology is permanently adapted to changing loads working effectively.

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH has its newest products developed for the mobile radio and smartphone industry regularly scrutinized with respect to their efficiency what is carried out by the Geophysikalische-Forschungs-Gruppe e.V. If you intend to read further information about the laboratory measurements of the Geophysikalische-Forschungs-Gruppe e.V please click here.


A special type of laboratory measurement concerns a serial measurement developed by the Geophysikalische-Forschungs-Gruppe e.V. for the Gabriel-Tech GmbH. Thereby time dependent measurements are performed apart from that under identical conditions. In this way the time course of the efficacy of the Gabriel-Tech GmbH can be demonstrated. Here you will find the time course of such a serial measurement.

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