The Creaktiv Systems ci²p-Technology at the laboratory

The Creaktiv Systems ci²p-Technology at the laboratory

The Gabriel Technology PlatformTM provides the feasibility to specifically visualize electromagnetic field distortions, commonly named  „electro-smog“ and to dejam these enduringly.

Our experiments show that sound-quality-problems of high-tech components are caused by interactions and superpositions of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and energy potentials but not by each of these as isolated phenomena. The phenomenon of standing waves and irrotational vortexes known from radio technology create indeed the core problem in HiFi technology. Such irrotational vortex which make the field disturbances by distortion may appear on one or several components; they may significantly influence the quality of musical productions and amplifications.

Die Creaktiv Systems ci²p-Technology acts correspondingly: Through a specific control of field deformations the eddy formation is positively influenced which means that such vortices are completely dissolved or do not eaven evolve. The Creaktiv Systems ci²p-Technology reduces in an extreme and lasting way the eddy caused by “disturbance energy” in HiFi components, loudspeakers and earpieces. Only the necessary low field energy remains that is basically needed as field effect to run all electric and electronic components.

A further novelty: To seize and document such distortions several high quality measuring systems linked to each other are used to provide accurate three dimensional field measurements of the corresponding electric and magentic fields.

The specific graphic software developed by the Gabriel-Tech GmbH in cooperation with the Geophysical Research-Group e.V. calculates interactions and allows in the frame of this world wide unique procedure the feasibility to recognize and analyze field disturbances in a punctually precise way. The measurements are based on the quality management of the Gabriel-Tech GmbH and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 by the TÜV SÜD.

This unique measuring procedure is available to the Creaktiv-Research via our exclusive cooperation with respect to the HiFi-area. The inspection of electromagnetic field distortions and the therewith possible dejaming in the HiFi area is unique and creates a new standard of which many content customers are taking profit.


In other words: Presumption now becomes knowledge!

By exclusive cooperation with its technology partner Gabriel-Tech GmbH Creaktiv, as single firm, is world wide the only one to perform such systematic and quality securing investigations in a reproducible way.


Examples from the Research Laboratory

The efficacy of the technology is regularly examined in the laboratories of the GFG e.V. To judge precisely the corresponding catalytic requirements the laboratories are having the unique feasibility to simulate exactly and in a reproducible way interferences and to document them. The simulated disturbing situation is compared to the dejamed situation and the singular measurements are documented in measure and number and graphically evaluated.

To demonstrate such measurements some examples taken from the GFG-laboratory are given below: here the disturbing situations of a tuner, an amplifier and a power box were measured without and with single Creaktiv-Products.



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