The SAR-value in comparison to the EMI-potential

A short opposition


It is often questioned whether the Gabriel-Technology has influence on the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). This would imply that the Gabriel-Technology is shielding emissions. However, this is exactly not the case because on principle this is not possible nor intended. To clarify this obvious confusion it is necessary to consider the meaning of the SAR and furthermore to compare it with the EMI (electromagnetic interference) value which is measurably influenced field catalytically by the Gabriel-Technology.




The Specific Absorption Rate (expressed in Watt per kilogram; W/kg) represents a physical measure to quantify the absorption of the electromagnetic field in living tissues. The absorption of electromagnetic field-energies leads via increased molecular motions to a dielectric heating of the target tissues. This can be derived via the electric field strength (V/m), the corresponding power density (A/m2) or by direct measurements of temperature increases in tissues (J/kg).


To judge the tissue heating caused by mobile phones SAR measurements are performed by use of a dummy head containing an ersatz fluid. However, this procedure does not take into account real happenings in biological tissues. Here, variable factors matter in addition such as the specific density, the bioelectric conductivity, the heat capacity of a tissue, own electromagnetic forces of cells and resonance effects. Therefore, SAR measurements are unsuitable to denote thermic reactions of real tissues and in addition they do not inform about athermal effects of for example pulsed electromagnetic signals on cell membrane potentials and the herewith resulting reactions.


The EMI-potential

he „Electromagnetic Interference-Potential“ (measured in micro Watt per squared meter; µW/m²) represents a physical measure of the power potential that results at the site where different interferences of electric and magnetic and electromagnetic fields take place. The EMI-potential relates timely and spatially the electric field strength (V/m) to the electric power strength (A/m).


These parameters can then be used to calculate the predominant power, respectively power density (W/m²). Therefore, the EMI-potential does not consider a singular emission (for example of a cell phone) but it takes into consideration its combination with other interfering fields that act at the corresponding site of action.


Because of these actions whirl potentials are generated as is known for long from radio-technology. They may have considerable perturbation potentials in relation to biological processes, and they may be discharged through coupling to conducting substrates (e.g. body water), causing in this way athermal effects. These actions are of importance in connection to bioelectric activities because cell membrane potentials are in the range of milli Volt (mV) and heart and muscle activities cause electric potentials in the range of micro Volt (μV). These biological activities can be influenced by extremely low physical fields.


In this context also the „time frames“ of the signal modulations play an important role as known from modulated electro therapy. EMI-potentials can hardly be decreased either by damping or shielding. However, the interfering gradients resulting from the interaction of the different emissions can be modified field catalytically in a way that EMI-potentials are reduced or not formed.


The Gabriel-Technology acts as field catalyst what can be objectively measured.

Source: Geophysical-Research-Group e.V.

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