What is scientific research?

According to the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany scientific research means: „the under content and form serious and systematic attempt to determine the truth with the aim to gain in a methodical, systematical and reproducible way new findings“ (Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht) Mainz, Germany; press release 01/2005).

Research and development are of high significance to the Gabriel-Tech GmbH. We are convinced to contribute shaping the near future with our product developments.

Through our narrow relations to research institutes, scientific organizations and technicians in measurement technology the Gabrie-Technology is internationally advanced on a first class level.

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH

  • stands for international leading know-how with respect to physical and biological impacts of electromagnetic fields and waves - especially in the range of athermic impacts bejond the energetic effects (the present legal SAR-threshold)
  • offers industry, real estates and private economy world wide leading techniques of measurement, consultation and effective protection drafts
  • investigates actively the field of electromagnetic compatibility and systems to improve the water quality.

Our future research themes are the following:

  • Impacts by mobile radio telephone devices
  • Impacts in living- and working areas
  • Impacts in motor vehicle interiors
  • Exhaust fume reaction of motor vehicles
  • Water systems
  • HiFi-technologies to optimize acoustic properties

The state of findings

„It has been proved that strong non-ionizing radiation impairs the human health. Biological effects also occur under loads far below the internationally recommended thresholds. Because presently science cannot exactly estimate how noxious these effects are provision is the best prescription.“

[Quotation from the brochure „Elektrosmog in der Umwelt“(Electric smog in the environment) edited by the “Schweizer Bundesamtes für Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft” (Swiss Federal Office for Environment, Forest and Landscape) 2005]

Hotspot electric smog

Doz. Ulrich Knop wrote in 2011 an article about the Gabriel-research that appeared in the magazine „Paracelsus“ for treatments by natural remedies, psychology, veterinary science (number 02/2011) under the title “hotspot electric smog” („Hotspot Elektrosmog“) ( We like to quote some passages out of this article to provide an unbiassed impression about the Gabriel-research:

„From the beginning the Gabriel-research applied completely different methods. In contrast to the prevailing part of the branch the Gabriel researchers used for the first time the ideas „twisting“, „whirl potentials“, „interferences“ and „interactions“. Therewith embedding the phenomenon electric smog into classical physics: electric smog refers to the interaction of different physical influences among one another and with each other forming a regular “electric smog-cocktail” that in this way can be termed “hotspot”. Hotspots were defined as real electric smog.

It is obvious to define interactions between electric-, magnetic- and electromagnetic influences as equivalent to hotspots; this leads in a logical way to the conceptions „power“, „whirl potential“, ,,whirl resistance“ and „standing wave“ and so on.

Twister-effect: Interferences between different natural and artificial waves lead among other things through phase differences to rejections within the integrity of local field proportions. Through superpositions evolve potential whirls that lead to a change of the direction of an electromagnetic impulse what can be termed hotspot.

It must be taken into consideration that such power-potential-whirls couple to the body water for example of human beings. The coupling of electromagnetic fields to the body causes within the body water inductions of partly significant body streams. These streams may lead to enduring effects on the electric tension of the cell membranes.“

[Ulrich Knop: „Hotspot Elektrosmog“ („Hotspot electric smog“; published in: Paracelsus 02/2011, pp. 40-41]

Requirements to our research

All the measurements that serve our research- and development-work are performed under laboratory conditions. The laboratory experimental arrangements warrant precise measurements without any manipulation possibilities.

The Gabriel-research launchs a new sight

„By use of the screen-dual-field-measuring-procedure of the Geophysical-Research-Group (Geopysikalische-Forschungs-Gruppe e.V. [and the Gabriel-Tech GmbH] it is now possible to measure hotspots and to define them as hotspot-whirl-power-potentials and derive in the last analysis the biological effect.

This measuring procedure quantifies the effect of the Gabriel-Technology in μW/m² as real and reproducible dejam. […]

Through the effords of the Gabriel-research we are able today to picture and quantify electric smog in its interactions and we can dejam electric smog-cocktails and try to explain the athermic effect with respect to biological processes. Never have we been so far before. This is a further important milestone that allows understanding the danger of athermic effects with respect to life. It is recommended to continue research in this field.

Waves become whirls and that in a transfer that is free from losses. Electric field and magnetic field form a power potential that can be quantified in μW/m². Today this can be graphically pictured following synchronous measuring and computing. Smallest alterations of the various field types may lead by interaction to significant interferences and in this way cause strong whirl-power-potentials - the hotspot (left). Such whirl-potentials for example caused by cell phone radiation can be submitted to levelling during their formation by use of a multilayered dielectric medium (Gabriel-technique) that means that they can be dejamed what can be proved by corresponding measurements”.

[Ulrich Knop: „Hotspot Elektrosmog“ (“Hotspot electric smog“); published in: Paracelsus 02/2011, pp. 42-43]

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