What means electric smog?

The media already discuss the theme electric smog, however many people do not realize its importance. Increasing extensive techniques, circuit lines and radio parts, change our every day environment more and more. We live in a “radiating” environment and it becomes more and more important that we create our own regions of regeneration in order to stay fit and vital - independent on occupational group, age or constitution.

Electro-smog may influence our live

Nature shows us: when inconspicuous cold air fronts hit harmless warm air layers strong winds, thunderstorms or even whirlwinds can evolve. The superposition of small weather fields results in strong wind energies, even with twisting motions. These may untile home-roofs and whirl objects through the air.

The weather is known to us as a natural phenomenon. We become aware of it with our senses and we understand people who suffer under weather changes. However, there are further energies that we cannot perceive and which are often unknown to us, they result for example upon the collision of magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields.

We use the artificial word „electric smog“ to term this phenomenon, however, we often do not know the coherences and we cannot understand that people suffer or even fall ill under its influence.

Electric smog is everywhere, in our living rooms, at our working places and in our motorcars. We find it even on lakes, in woods, or on fields where actually only the natural earth magnetic field should occur. However, today we can receive in all those places radio- and TV signals and telephone with our mobile phones.

Already most different national electro-smog threshold values are defined; impairments of our health through electro-smog are disputed on a scientific level.

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH promotes solutions to the corresponding problems especially through its Gabriel-Object-consultation.

The high investment in research, development and measuring technique together with the extensive training of the Gabriel-Object-consultants provide the base for the unique further development of the building biological consultation.

Gabriel-Object-consultants are able to analyze physical parameter of your personal environment and they can offer procedures to avoid and dejam corresponding interferences creating lasting solutions.

Sanitary consequences

The sanitary consequences of short time exposures to strong magnetic fields are scientifically acknowledged. Long term effects were not sufficiently explored to conclude a final statement. It is true that we cannot expect something positive from several published studies (in this context we recommend the article „Three Davids, one Goliath“ wrote by John Weigel). Furthermore, we refer to the website of the „Swiss Federal Office for Health“ (Schweizer Bundesamts für Gesundheit (BAG)) where references are provided with respect to possible health risks (especially through the radiation of the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) ):

(finally called on July the 20th, 2014).


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