Reasonable prevention

SALUSMED® brings new impulses to you to understand from a holistic point of view illness and restoration of health. For us reasonable prevention makes an important element for a vital life. This means to seize preventive actions together with your therapist before a certain illness comes into being. That is why SALUSMED® defined markers in many areas of prevention; they provide information about the weaknesses and the requirements to suport the body owned systems.

Advise, analyze, optimize and permanently control - that is the base on which the SALUSMED®-concept rests on, and it is the philosophy of the Gabriel-Tech GmbH since many years. Therefore, it was a logical step to integrate the Gabriel-Object-Consultation into the SALUSMED®-concept..

SALUSMED® rests on three main pillars:

  1. Measuring and dejaming individual physical environments: The Gabriel-Object-Consulting shows you your sleeping berth from the perspective of physics. Gabriel-Object-Consultants measure, reduce and dejam your personal electro-smog environment under technical measurement inspection.
  2. Estimation of individual stress: Mesurements of heart rate variabilities show you, for example, how you really sleep. You obtain a picture of your personal „sleeping architecture“ including the relation between stress and regeneration. For the first time it becomes clearly visible how you personally react to improvements of your sleeping berth.
  3. Optimize therapeutic body owned systems: Specific investigations of your blood show you the real state of your vital energy. „Bio-markers“ developed during more than 10 years of research uncover your own personal deficiencies. Your substitution-need determined this way can be balanced at optimum afterwards taking individualized micro nutrient mixtures.

The particularity of the SALUSMED®-concept: The outcome of each step is measurable. Already after a few weeks your body systems are on a new quality level.

SALUSMED®– individual complementary medical concepts for the whole family

Modern micro-nutrient-medicine for families, employed persons, sportsmen, simply for all of those who wonder about the optimum preserve of their vitality.

SALUSMED® stands for

  • competent consulting, comprehensive analysis, individual assessment as well as individual-related solutions. The goal to be reached concerns the lasting reduction of electro- and radiation stress, metabolic and oxidative stress as well as inflamatory stress.
  • most modern laboratory analyses in combination with analytic reports that are easy to understand. In this way SALUSMED® shows you the coherence in your metabolism and the options to positively influence them. Once you started understanding how your body systems function you are able to recognize that micro-nutrients offer you manyfold possibilities.
  • Transparency. Every result of your investigations are available to you. Graphic representations of the determined values illustrate your vitality status and show your range in need of improvement. You will be able to recognize yourself where you should optimize something.
  • Control and comparison. SALUSMED® does not only determine your actual status. Regular investigations show you the change in your results and thus lead to your own motivation. Nothing is more beautiful than to see that your own efforts are really successful.
  • Continuity. Recurrent follow up investigations demonstrate you the measurable success of each single action. Your body systems are optimized this way step by step. You will reach a new quality level already after a few weeks.

Undertandable, simple and logic elements lead to enduring measurable results:




for each individual




for your buisiness




for you as sportsperson




for your individual needs

The SALUSMED® concept serves you for an ingenious and enduring prevention. It does not replace a balanced and diversified nutrition nor does it replace medical attention. In case of known illnesses or reasonable suspicion with respect to sanitary complaints please always consult your doctor.


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