The Gabriel-Object-Consultation – measurements, avoidance and dejam

The three main supports of the Gabriel-Object-Consultation are the following: (i) the technique to measure and record electro-smog, ii) the reduction of detected electro smog by avoidance and (iii) the optimized dejam by use of the Gabriel-Technology.

First the actual situation at a place is measured and the results visualized. By use of 3D-sonds are seized: (i) earth magnetic fields, (ii) current fields and (iii) radio networks. The resulting values are transcribed by a unique software and presented as diagrams. The outcome is handed over to our clients comprising the exact values of all measurements together with the coloured illustrations.

The Gabriel-Object-Consultants (for short: GOC) will subsequently advise the client how to avoid corresponding stress situations and if needed, supports the client to directly realize these.

Based on the measurement evaluation the client may decide, immediately or later, whether he wants to optimize the dejam by applying the Gabriel-Technology.

As soon as a certain operation-time has passed (the structure modification performed by the Gabriel-Technology affords some time to influence its environment) the Gabriel-Object-Consultant will perform a remeasure. In doing so all of the previously investigated and dejamed measured places are seized again. Finally a synopsis concerning all measuring places will be passed over to the client comprising the pre-measurements (measurements made before avoidance and dejam) and the post-measurements (measurements following avoidance and dejam).

The measurement analysis of the Gabriel-Object-Consultation is clearly arranged and easy to understand. Moreover, it contains additional information with respect to each electro-smog component and the applied measuring probe. The client can easily retrace the performed measurements taking the illustrations and pictures made during a session. The analytic data set and the visualizations are made in a way that also electro-smog experts and building biologists will get a deeper insight into the situation of an individual client. Thus, the synopsis can also be used to provide an expert´s report.

The following preion provides an insight into the measuring analysis of the Gabriel-Object-Consultation.

Presently the Gabriel-Technology can be used in the following domains:

Should you have further questions concerning the measuring analysis of the Gabriel-Object-Consultation please use our contact form.

We personally or our Gabriel-Object-Consultants would be pleased to help you!

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