Already since 2006 the Gabriel-Tech GmbH produces with great success components for the HiFi-industry on behalf of the Audio Selection creaktiv GmbH. We take the opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you to the team of Audio Selection creaktiv for their productive and professional cooperation. Especially Mr. Arno Selker must be named because he placed confidence in us over many years. His enormous engagement put the ci²p-technology as absolute number one to the market.

The ci²p-technology creates an optimum environment for your precious High-Fidelity-components. Dejaming of special electro-smog factors by use of the Gabriel Technology Platform™ additionally reduces couplings with metal boxes and interferences with cables and grounding conductors. Get yourself hearable surprised!

Three dimensional measurements of the physical environment show after dejaming partly remarcabley reduced values of the electric fields measured in Volt per meter. Furthermore, reduced values with respect to magnetic fields can be measured, respectively lower flow density deviations result, measured in nano Tesla. Space vortices of physical fields are degraded.

This all together acts indirectly upon the acoustics. The metal boxes of your HiFi-components still function as antenna for electrons that are located in the corresponding area. However, through the measurable reduction of the turbulences, i.e. the kinetic energies, also the coupling streams and interferences within the grounding conductors are reduced.

Furthermore, it can be assumed that also a biological effect significantly contributes to the sound improvement. It is known from biology that the nervous system is of significant importance for the spacial perception. We assume that reduction of the physical environment means less stress for biological regulation systems. An existing spatial sound could therefore be more effectively perceived, and since High-End-components generate nearly perfect spatial acoustics we see the significant action of the Gabriel Technology PlatformTM in the domain of the „biological“ hearing.

This working hypothesis is supported by the fact that testing listeners always report significant audible differences if in the physical surroundings significant value reductions are measurable. On the other hand, if there is from the beginning on only a very low portion of spacial electro smog measurable then sound differences cannot be heart or very differentially heart despite dejaming.

Do you have any questions or do you want to obtain an offer? Please use our contact form. We or our partners of the creaktiv Systems are pleased to help you. We are pleased to convince you of our qualitatively high grade products and our service.

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