Gabriel-Object-Consultants analyse, visualize and eliminate interferences.

The Gabriel-Tech GmbH created solutions to determine existing electric smog by use of physical methods, to chart it and reduce it in a measurable way. This can be done for single electrical appliances, bedrooms, residential areas and motor vehicles.

The Gabriel-Object-Consultants come to your house to determine the electro-smog situation at your personal bedrooms, workplaces and residential areas – this is necessary because every electric smog situation differs. Radio networks, service circuits and electrical appliances cause electrical fields that may interfere and superimpose, forming repeatedly new technical fields, resulting in a mix of technical fields, also termed electric smog.

Quality and standardization also play an important role at the Gabriel-Object-Consultation. This is why the Gabriel-Object-Consultants use exclusively the most modern measuring equipment:

  • 3D-Sonde to measure alternating electric fields
  • 3D-Sonde to measure alternating magnetic fields
  • 3D-Sonde to measure the Earth´s magnetic field
  • Analyzer to determine radio networks by trend
  • Analyzer to measure static electrification

Every measurement is performed according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN 50413, European Basic Standard for Measuring Procedures
  • DIN VDE 0848-1, German Federal-Immission-Protection-Law (Bundes-Immissions-Schutzgesetz)
  • BGV B11, German Professional Association Instructions (Berufsgenossenschaftliche Vorschriften)

By use of the measuring instruments Gabriel-Object-Consultants seize the different influences of magentic fields, electricity and radio networks. Afterwards follows a high valued measuring evaluation resulting in detailed colored graphics of the individual electric smog situations at the particular measuring site. The necessary software to perform these operations was developed by the Gabriel-Tech GmbH in cooperation with the engineering office iMB (Mr. Michael Baake).

The Gabriel-Object.Consultation has in view the interference elimination of natural and technical fields and the reduction of such interactions. Every change of these facts and herewith the reduction of electric-smog situations are seized in a mesurable way and documented by the Gabriel-Object-Consultants. By use of the imaging coloured charts the situation before and after the treatment of the electric smog can be demonstrated making differences easy to understand.

The goal of the Gabriel-Object-Consutants is to determine loads as precisely as possible and to reduce them as much as possible by avoidance and interference elimination so that the precaution-values of the building biology are not only reached but possibly fall below that value. However, generally it counts:

Avoidance comes before interference elimination!

Do you have any questions or do you want to obtain an offer for a Gabriel-Object-Consultation? Please use our contact form. We or our Gabreil-Object-Consultants would be pleased to help you.

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