The software of the Gabriel-Object-consultation in Arbeit

Our Gabriel-Objet-advisors use high quality measuring devices together with a unique software that was especially developed for the Gabriel-Object-consultation. This software guaranties the standardization of the measuring procedure and measuring evaluation. The measurements are always performed with a very high precision according to the following guidelines:

Measuring according to DIN EN 50413

European measuring basic standard

Measuring according to DIN VDE 0848-1

Federal ambient pollution control act

Measuring according to BGV B11

Professional cooperative instructions

Analysis according to IBN (SBM-2008)

Building biological guidance level

Analysis according to GFG e.V.

Gabriel guidance level (working and living)

The following screen shots offer a short insight into our Gabriel-Object-consultation software.

Measuring of alternating electric fields (low frequency)

Measuring device: Field Master 3D – isotropic electro field-meter 10 Hz to >400 kHz

Measuring of alternating magnetic fields (low frequency)

Measuring device: 3D-sonde for alternating magnetic fields

Measuring of static magnetic fields (magnetostatic)

Measuring device: 3D-geo-magnetometer cube-sensor (isotrop)

Measuring of electromagnetic waves (high frequency)

Measuring device: HFA-3 HF-analyser HF-measuring device including frequency filter

It takes only one working step to measure the high frequency both in µW/m2 and in mV/m. This is unique in the building-biological industry.

Having finished the measurements the Gabriel-Object-advisor can start the evaluations which are performed in the background of the application such that it is possible to show the results to the customer after a short delay-time and to explain them in detail.

Generally understandable presentations show the results to the client

Pictures show more than numbers. That is why we not only concentrated on precise measuring procedures but also developed simple and generally understandable presentations of the corresponding number values. As a result our software turns exactly measured field values into coloured picture graphs.

Here, we could present only a little appetizer with respect to what is meanwhile directly measurable at your home. It is but a part of our feasibilities. Our Gabriel-Object-consultants are able to show you, after measurements have been finished, directly on the hand held computer the given fact of your environment. If you want to obtain an offer with respect to avoidance and dejam it can be provided directly after the measurements and presentations.


this way to the measuring evaluation

Do you have questions or do you want to get an offer with respect to a Gabriel-Object-consultation? Please use our contact form. We or our Gabriel-Object-consultants would be pleased to help you.

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