Optimieren Sie Ihre Produkte durch unsere Technologie

The Gabriel Technology Platform™ offers more than standardized, pre-made products. At the Gabriel-Tech GmbH we are in the position to extend and optimize the variety of products of your company by solutions that we will individually create for you. Through molecular structural modification of single components or already completed products we are bringing the Gabriel-Technology directly into your products. This way we would be pleased to consult you already during the conception of new products.


Operational area

There are a variety of applications of the Gabriel Technology Platform™ that can be used in your company. Generel every electric, battery or accumulator operated device is suited for a molecular structural modification; the physical fields that evolve through devices will be reduced. Both your company and your customers will profit integrating the Gabriel-Technology: You create an advantage in  competition opposed to your competitors whose products are not „electro-smog-reduced“ and your customers take profit from the reduction of the physical fields of your new device.

Other areas and products are also siuted for an application of the Gabriel-Technology – even if it does not seam to be the case at first glance. An example provides the ci²p-technology which we developed together with our partner Audio Selection creaktiv GmbH.


We either modify single components of your product or your complete product depending on your product and its application range. Herewith, we always provide the highest quality since every production step that we perform is submitted to our strict quality management. We offer the treatment of both small and large series to competitive prices. Should your product be „made in Germany“, integration of the Gabriel Technology Platform™ causes no problems because the molecular structural modification is performed in Germany.

Are you interested?

Please use our contact form for a non-binding offer in demand. We would be pleased to discuss together with you whether your product is suited for a molecular structural modification by the Gabriel-Technology.

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